The Susten are an ancient order of heroes devoted to protecting Damacan from the inherent evil that inhabits it. The order was set up by ancient an Iconu warden, the brothers Thagren and Undrass of the Earthsong Clan and the old king of Mythantine, Gerrard Thinsley. It was set up after the first invasion of the Slor and the defeat of the first Slor god Thythrix. Since then they have been pivotal in the defeat of two other Slor invasions, and the killing of an ancient god.

Leader: Iconu Warden
Membership: 4 (At any one time)


Current members are, starting from who joined first: Iconu Warden The exiled King Dorian Halfoaken Earthsong Sasna Asustra

Current ActivityEdit

The Susten are a widely revered organisation, but also feared. The kingdom of Mythantine have declared them criminals and set bounties on their heads for their involvement with the exiled King Dorian.